Jamie Ross, (b. 1986, Scotland) is a Berlin based Artist, Musician, Composer and co-founder of sevenxeight. This website highlights his custom scored music for film and media, which is well suited to both commercial and non commercial work. Alongside a handful of selected work references is a portfolio of self produced film example sequences which were created to showcase samples of his range of compositional style and feel for scoring music to image. He works with both live and software instruments, handling all stages of production from the performance and recording through to mixing and mastering. 

'An abiding interest in the arts, particularly the visual arts, music and composition meant from a young age I was experimenting with a diversity of mediums. I was reluctant to venture too far into the public domain, preferring time to just work. The results of my longer term, broad based explorations of potential crossovers led to my co-founding sevenxeight and composing music for film and media'.